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  • Thu 26th May 2016 - 6:54am

    Once your visual acuity has been determined, the results will be compared to The Lotto Crusher System your previous prescription to assure stability in refractive error. There should not be more than a half a diopter change in the past two years.The next eye examination is performed with an instrument known as a slit lamp microscope that allows a binocular, high magnification view of the eye. This examination is used to rule out the presence of disease.Keratometry is used to measure corneal curvature and is completed with a keratometer. This measures the shape of your cornea. Many surgeons have sophisticated topography equipment that obtains these measurements.An Opthalmoscope is used to examine the back of the eye or “retina” to exclude any tears, detachment or predisposing conditions. The optic nerve that carries vision from the retina to the brain is also observed for signs of glaucoma.LASIK surgery; nevertheless, it is always best to consult with an ophthalmologist with regards to specific circumstances.

    Shawn Powell is the Director of Marketing and Advertising for the Howerton Eye & Laser Center. Ernest E. Howerton, M.D. has been serving the Austin community for over 20 years. Having the procedure performed on him, Dr. Howerton understands the importance of the surgeon seeing the patient at every visit. He believes this practice is paramount to patient care and recovery. The Howerton Eye & Laser Center performs LASIK on site, with state-of-the-art equipment and an affordable, all-inclusive fee structure.LASIK - laser vision correction, is a procedure for the correction of moderate to high degrees of myopia (nearsightedness). LASIK will also correct low to moderate degrees of hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism associated with myopia.In order to really understand the LASIK procedure, the patient must have a working knowledge of the Cornea. The Cornea is a clear window to the eye and is transparent tissue. Generally, the cornea is 11.5mm in horizontal diameter, which is roughly ½ inch. The center most portion of the cornea is about 500 microns thick.The day of the procedure begins with the arrival at the center of choice. Of course, the first matter at hand is collection of payment and consent forms. Oral Valium, in most cases, is dispensed to relax the patient. Pre-operative topical antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and anesthetic drops are given.

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