TopicManifesting Wealth: Crafting Abundance Into Your Thoughts

  • Tue 14th Mar 2017 - 9:18am

    When James Carey was still broke and basically a nobody, he actually wrote himself a check for $10 million and wrote in the memo: "For acting services I rendered." When James' father passed away, he tossed the check into the casket of his father and thought to himself that it would only be a matter of time before he would have the $10 million in his possession, and sure enough, he did have it just a few years later. oday, James Carey is probably one of the most well paid actors in Hollywood, but how did he actually do it? First of all, he had a specific amount of money he wanted to have. Getting the things you want out of life is actually a lot easier than what most other people make it out to be the moment they determine exactly what they really want. Note that when James Carey wrote the check of $10 million, he could as well have easily said: "I want to be richer.", "I want to have a lot of money." Or "I want to have financial security." 15 Minute Manifestation

    The problem with these wishes are they are really vague generalizations and usually only made by people who never get what they want in their lives because they have no specific target to aim or shoot at. So the first step towards manifesting prosperity into your life with the Law of Attraction is to determine a specific target you want to have.


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