Topic Working Treatments For Toenail Fungus - I Myself Have Tested These on Me

  • Mon 13th Mar 2017 - 5:16am

    The Cooltouch wavelength is 1320nm and this wavelength has an affinity for collagen, keratin and skin which makes it the absolute choice for toenail fungus treatments and treatment of the underlying nail bed. This wavelength stays concentrated in the important areas to obliterate nail fungus. This is not true of other wavelengths that have an affinity for deeper tissues, fat and blood components. These lasers are more ideal for hair removal and spider veins and several are actually dental procedures. Fungus Shield Plus

    After extensive research and discussions with other physicians, I have developed a new protocol that allows for several additional mechanisms of fungal death. Fungal death can occur by making adjustments to the laser and laser settings. In addition, I have formulated my own solution to produce a third mechanism that destroys the fungus. With the change in settings there is death through photo inactivation which kills the fungus by altering its structure. With the use of my specially formulated solution in combination with the laser light, there is death through photophoresis. This is essentially the movement of certain substances into the fungus structure causing death. These modification and additions to the procedure have resulted in improved treatment results for my patients.


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